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Cable Management

From patch cords and USB cables to power extensions and fiber optic cables, our lives, and businesses, are full of cables and wires that can easily become tangled and disorganized. If the unruliness of it all has gotten you down and you're ready to de-clutter those cords, then you've come to the right place.  Using the Cable wire wrapper you can tackle cable clutter, whether it's in an office, server room, retail store, warehouse, industrial environment, or healthcare facility.

Safe Hospital Cable Management

When placing wires or cables in a hospital, it is very important to know when and where it is safe to place them. If you place them in a patient’s room, keep all cords and cables free from any moving bed parts. If you have to place cords or cables on the floor, keep them out of traffic areas if possible.

If cords and cables need to be placed in the traffic area of a hospital, you must find ways to keep people from tripping over them. There are different types of tape you can use to cover the wires or you can use  cord covers or  Cable wire wrapper..  Many cord covers are also safe for wheelchairs to easily roll over them without the covers coming undone or causing damage to the floor or wires.

Remember, never place cords under rugs or carpet where there is heavy traffic because this can cause damage to the cords and is also a fire hazard.  Carpet can easily catch fire if the wire gets damaged and develops a shortage.

Choosing a suitable Cable wire wrapper for your different cables that will make them looks tidy and comfortable.

Cable Management Box for Organise TV Cables and Tidy Desktop- Black
NTONPOWER 5-Channel Desktop Cable Organizer Wire Management Clips for Wall Home Office
$10.99 $5.99

This cable clips can manage 5 data cables or wires up to 5MM/0.2inch diameter, suitable for power c..

NTONPOWER Power Strip Organizer Box with Smartphone Holder and Large Cord Container
$33.99 $16.99

Do you have such trouble? When you are playing game or doing your work, but suddenly the compu..

NTONPOWER Resuable Fastening and Adjustable Cable Ties, 3.3 ft Per Roll
$18.99 $9.99

Are you annoyed when you have loads tangling cables running on your desk? Let NTONPOWER cable ties ..

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