[Buy 2 Get 3 ] Travel Power Strip - NTONPOWER Portable Charging Station 3 USB Without Surge Protector Short Extension Cord (or Long cord) for Home/Office/Cruise Ships/Business Trip/Hotels

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Product Code: ODR-3A3U-US-WH

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Wherever You Go, Whichever Ship You Are in, Bring Me in and Do Not Forget Me

You are leaving your office for cruise ships or business trip worldwide. So you put your computer, iPad, camera and other electronic products in your luggage backpack.

Worry that you may lack of outlets in small cabin in ships or hotels for your devices, you grab the round donut shaped power strip on your desk.

In your long journey, you take photos,make phone calls, talk about business. All your devices are running out of power. You arrive at a hotel or in your cabin for a short rest, looking around, only to find there is ONE outlet on the wall, and you have a lot of products which need to charge.

What will you do?

You use a voltage converter (the unit itself does not convert voltage) and take out the 'donut' from your bag, now all your 'low battery'devices are perfectly handled.

It is so lightweight and well fit for your business trip.

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