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Extension Cord

Get the extension cords, power strips and power surge protectors you need to keep your home, office or business operating efficiently. Choose the right cord length, number of outlets and safety features that will keep your computers and other electronics operating where you want them and protected from power surges. Ensure your computers and laptops are operating at their best by reviewing all of our computer and tablet accessories.

Don't be restricted by where the outlets in the room are. Get extension cords that enable you to plug your electronics in where you need to. Choose from several colors as well as outlet numbers. Opt for a variety of lengths so the right one is always within reach.

Get power strips with enough outlets to plug in everything you need as well surge protection capabilities to prevent expensive equipment from being damaged. For laptops, desktop computers and other electronics, a quality power strip and surge protector can help prevent the damage from power surges and keep your technology working. Choose from options that affix to wall outlets without cords, as well as those that sit on your desk, are suited for conference rooms or are easy to take with you when you travel.

NTONPOWER 3 Prong 1ft Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord Outlet,14AWG 15A UL Listed(Black)
$30.90 $18.60

Product DescriptionExtend your power cable to maximize the usage of all your idle outlets on your po..

NTONPOWER Extension Power Cord 3-Prong Outlet 3.3ft Power Cable UL Listed(Black)
$18.99 $9.99

Product DescriptionColor Name:2 Pieces - BlackYour great choice of eliminating all your bulky and ta..

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