NTONPOWER Back-to-school Sale 2022

NTONPOWER Back-to-school Sale 2022

New gear for the fresh school year, are your necessities all packed up?🎒📚
Double check your shopping list and make sure you don't miss these handy charging kits for your dorm!

Ready for up to 30% OFF deals!? Check it down below👇👇👇


For minimal style nightstand, recharge all your electronics without making a clutter with Mini 7-in-1 Pocket Power Strip: Pocket Power Retractable Travel Power Strip

🎫 34% OFF

📝 Was $28.99, Now $18.99

🛒 4 Outlets with 3 USB Ports: Shop Now




New!! For travelers and desk setup enthusiasts, power all your Macbook Pro in a flash with 45W PD: GaN 45W Pocket Power Retractable Travel Power Strip

🎫 20% OFF Code:20TJKGIR

📝 Was $39.99, Now $31.99

🛒 4 Outlets with 45W Type-C USB Ports: Shop Now


For all-in-one charging station, individual control buttons for better power usage : 16-IN-1 Charging Tower

🎫 20% OFF

📝 Was $37.99, Now $30.39

🛒 Black: Code:20TJKGIR  Shop Now

      White:  Shop Now


For tech lovers, power your USB C devices in style with 18W fast charging : Horologe Series USB C Power Strip

🎫 20% OFF Code:20TJKGIR

📝 Was $26.99, Now $21.59

🛒 Black:  Shop Now



For heavy duty home appliances, safeguard your sensitive devices with surge protection: 10ft Flat Plug Surge Protector

🎫 30% OFF

📝 Was $39.99, Now $27.99

🛒 12 Outlets with 3 USB Ports:  Shop Now


No matter you're getting back to school of off to college as a freshman, get yourself prepared for a elevated school life!🙌 Deals ends September 9th.

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