NTONPOWER Father's Day Giveaway

NTONPOWER Father's Day Giveaway
Gear up for Father's Day! 💨Not just suit and ties make you a powerful man, smart charging kits also power up your life.
We're giving those smart gadgets for you to celebrate with your one & only.


Rules are as followed:

1. Describe your dad in three words and tag him, or just simply tag one male friend.
2. Like and share our official social media account.
3. Join the Gleam to make sure your entries are valid.
4. Gifts are as follows:
     Color/cord length may be changed.
*Giveaway ends June 30th.


Enter here for a chance to win🔌🔌🔌


Get more entries for bigger chance to win, please make sure you enter the Gleam competition above.
*Winners will be drawn under the following circumstance: the number of participants surpass 50.


Good luck and enjoy the day!


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