NTONPOWER UK Mother‘s Day Giveaway

NTONPOWER UK Mother‘s Day Giveaway
With Mother's Day right around the corner💕, we are giving away our newly released power tools for both on the desk and on the go🧳. Share your love for your mom out loud on this special day!



Prize Pool:


Rules are as followed:

1. Describe your mom in three words, and tag a friend in the comments.
2. Follow @ntonpower.uk on Facebook.
3. Like and share the post on our page.
4. Join the Gleam to make sure your entries are valid. 

*UK residents only. Winners will be drawn under the following circumstance: the number of participants surpasses 50.


Enter here for a chance to win👩💗

NTONPOWER UK Mother's Day Giveaway



Get more entries for bigger chance to win, please make sure you enter the Gleam competition above.

Happy Mother's Day!

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