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Bathrooms Surge Protectors

Let's imagine if our bathroom has a usb power strip with mobile phone holder, how amazing it will be .  When we sitting on closestool, play with mobilephone,
we can use  usb power strip to keep charging and when we finished we can put mobile phone on the power strip phone holder, no need to worry it will slip from our hand.
Another situation we need to use power strip in bathroom when girls make up, they need to use hair drier ,wavebetter, steaming machine,some machine powered by usb port etc, if there has a multi-socket power strip with usb available,
that will be very wonderful for girls. 

NTONPOWER USB power strip is such kind of product which provide multi-socket and multi usb charging port, support charging different devices at the same time, solve the problems when people feel no enough socket to charge their love electric product.

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 2AC Wall Mounted Surge Protector for  Travel,Living Room(White)
$22.99 $11.99

You do have to bring lots stuff when travelling worldwide. Besides basic items like smartphone, Macb..

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 3AC Wall Socket Power Protector with Phone Stand - White
$27.56 $12.79

Are you still worry about where should you put your phone while charging on the mid-wall or wall cor..

NTONPOWER Travel Power Strip 2 Outlets 3 USB Charging Ports Small Power Station with 3.3ft Extension Cord for Smartphone Tablets Cruise Hotel Office Bedside Table - White
$22.99 $15.99

OWER Mini Size Travel Power Strip with "Card" design For Business Trips, Travel, Going Abroad, Self-..

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