NTONPOWER Mother's Day Sale

NTONPOWER Mother's Day Sale

It's almost Mother's Day! To show our appreciation for all of the great moms out there, we are offering those sweet and functional Mother's Day gift guides with amazing discounts. Make sure you take advantage of this special offer!


Gift for mom who runs a large household, no more fighting over a few sockets around the house: NTONPOWER Ultra Wide Surge Protector

🎫50% OFF: Code 50LXXJQI 

🛒8 Outlets with 5 USB Ports: click here

⏳Valid time: May 5th - May 20th



Gift for mom who enjoys a minimalist taste of interior decoration: NTONPOWER Horologe Series Power Strip

🎫20% OFF: Code 209YVA8Y

🛒White: click here

⏳Valid time: May 5th - May 15th



Gift for mom to sweeten the travel experience: NTONPOWER i-Donut Power Strip in Red

🎫15% OFF: Code 15REDPOW 

🛒Red: click here

⏳Valid time: May 5th - May 15th



Happy Mother's Day and keep mom in charge and power in style🔋



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