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Kitchen Surge Protectors

Should you get surge protector for Kitchen appliances?
For many family, especially for women or some nurses, kitchen is a very important place for them to spend most of  time.  People usually will install many kitchen appliances ,such as blender, microwave, toaster,slow cooker, electric oven ...all the appliances related to electric, so the kitchen safety is the most important point we need pay highly attention.  More kitchen appliances installed, more socket needed. Normal power strip has limited socket so people need to buy two or more power strip, and the old power strip doesn't have the surge protector function, if there is a power surge will damage these kitchen appliances.
NTONPOWER multi-outlets power strip with surge protector and usb port which can provide multi- outlets up to 12 and 5 usb charging port ,as well as surge protector functions, can protect your kitchen appliances from surge damages. 
NTONPOWER specialized in R&D,manufacturing and marketing the usb power strip surge protectors, here are different series for your choice, such as 8AC+4USB,10AC+3USB, 12AC+4USB, every model with high quality and reasonable price.

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 10AC Fireproof Power Socket Serving Station Surge Protector (White)
$37.99 $23.19

NTONPOWER-Upgrade USB Surge Protector -The USB Power Socket made from fireproof ABS+PC material..

NTONPOWER 20W 4USB 8AC Energy Saving Surge Protector with Charging Station (White)
$37.00 $18.39

NTONPOWER-Upgrade USB Surge Protector -The USB Surge Protector made from fireproof ABS+PC mater..

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