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Living room Surge Protector

In the bedroom we usually have a 20" iMac, printer, lamp, fan, router, and alarm clock/radio all connected to the same outlet through power strips. This is also where cellphones usually get charged. The living room has only ONE outlet, which powers the stereo/record player, two lamps, fan, dvd player, cable box, and now the Samsung [TV], plus the MacBook usually gets charged here.

What type of surge protectors should we use in these two rooms to protect our devices? What should welook for in terms of power, joules, etc?

Power surges happen when there's an unexpected spike in the voltage supplied by an electrical source. It's usually a quick event that doesn't last long, but it can fry your electronics if you're not careful enough. While you'd expect lightning strikes to be responsible for power surges, the most common ones are caused by downed power lines, short circuits, tripped circuit breakers, and a sudden change in electricity usage. This could be caused by a nearby factory or by the on/off cycle of a large appliance on the same power line, i.e. a refrigerator or a dryer.

Surge protectors and power strips with surge protection is a good way of protection your electronics against small voltage spikes. Surge protectors will divert the excess power into the ground wire. While getting a standalone surge protector, and maybe even some UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for each and every outlet might be the best solution, it can get complicated and expensive quickly. If you are a home owner, you could also protect your whole home, with surge protection.

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 10AC Fireproof Power Socket Serving Station Surge Protector (White)
$37.99 $23.19

NTONPOWER-Upgrade USB Surge Protector -The USB Power Socket made from fireproof ABS+PC material..

NTONPOWER 20W 4USB 8AC Energy Saving Surge Protector with Charging Station (White)
$37.00 $18.39

NTONPOWER-Upgrade USB Surge Protector -The USB Surge Protector made from fireproof ABS+PC mater..

NTONPOWER 4 Outlets and 4 USB Charging Ports Power Charger With Suger Protection
$26.99 $17.99

Product Descriptions:• Made of a very sturdy & non-flammable plastic housing with rugged and sle..

NTONPOWER Power Bar 6 Outlets and 3 USB Charging Ports 5.5 Ft Extended Long Cord
$28.68 $17.59

Product Descriptions:1. High-efficiency conductive copper structural design that maximizes the speed..

NTONPOWER 40W 6-Outlet Desktop Surge Protector 5USB Charging Station ETL Listed
$40.80 $25.99

Product Description:1.Stronger Output Capacity: Much bigger USB output capacity that the surge prote..

NTONPOWER Slim Decent Power Strip with  3 Outlets 3 USB Port  and Creative Phone Stand
$33.90 $22.29

Product Descriptions :-2 in 1 power strip with phone/tablet stand design. Keep your devices all char..

NTONPOWER Surge Protector with  4 Outlet and 5USB Ports 5Ft Long Power Cord ETL Listed
$47.80 $23.99

Product description:1.All-in-one Advanced Surge Protector with 5 USB Ports & 4 Outlets AC Plug,5..

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