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Office Desk Surge Protector

Unexpected power outages and surges can wreak havoc on electronic devices. Sensitive equipment such as computers, entertainment devices, medical equipment, telephones, servers and networking equipment can be permanently damaged by power surges that result when voltage comes back through power lines after an outage. Protect your electronic devices with a power strip surge protector that helps prevent expensive damage and loss.

A surge protector guards your plugged-in devices from power surges and lightning strikes, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Simply plug your power cords into the power strip, turn on the on/off switch and you have protection. Some surge protectors have integrated circuit breakers for extra protection.

Choose a surge protector with enough outlets to properly connect all of your devices. Longer cord lengths give you flexibility in power strip placement. Choose power strips with USB ports to connect and charge all of your USB devices.

We offer surge protectors in a variety of configurations to suit most any need. Choose a power strip surge protector for a compact solution. A wall-mounted surge protector is perfect for locations with limited space, such as countertops, behind desks or appliances or in dorm rooms. Choose a surge protector with pivoting outlets for maximum flexibility in device placement.
NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 10AC Fireproof Power Socket Serving Station Surge Protector (White)
$37.99 $23.19

NTONPOWER-Upgrade USB Surge Protector -The USB Power Socket made from fireproof ABS+PC material..

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 3AC Desktop Mini Size Surge Protector with 5ft Power Cord(White)
$26.99 $15.99

NTONPOWER-Upgrade Mini Size USB Surge Protector  -The USB Surge Protector made from firepr..

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 3AC Wall Socket Power Protector with Phone Stand - White
$27.56 $12.79

Are you still worry about where should you put your phone while charging on the mid-wall or wall cor..

NTONPOWER 20W 4USB 8AC Energy Saving Surge Protector with Charging Station (White)
$37.00 $18.39

NTONPOWER-Upgrade USB Surge Protector -The USB Surge Protector made from fireproof ABS+PC mater..

NTONPOWER Power Bar 6 Outlets and 3 USB Charging Ports 5.5 Ft Extended Long Cord
$28.68 $17.59

Product Descriptions:1. High-efficiency conductive copper structural design that maximizes the speed..

NTONPOWER US Plug 12 Outlets 4USB Charging Ports Surge Protector with Hanging Slot
$43.88 $23.99

Product Descriptions :1. Compact and powerful design, to be a Power Center for Company conference an..

NTONPOWER Office Power Strip with 3 USB 3 Outlets Round Donut Design for Travel
$38.99 $18.99

NTONPOWER Office Power Strip is compact, mini and easy to pack and carry. It can be easily slipped ..

Power Strip with USB, NTONPOWER 3-Port USB Charging Station 3 Outlets with Phone Stand Round Design Switch Control, 5ft Extension Cord for Indoor Nightstand Desktop Cruise Ship Travel - Black
NTONPOWER 120W Charging Station Dock with 10 USB  for Smartphone Shopping Mall
$108.99 $79.99

You charge for your smart phone and put the charging station on the bed. It’s so tired that you fall..

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