Why We Exist:
We believe in living a simple life and bringing everyday carry down to the essentials.
Our ultimate goal is to take less, give more, and explore further.
When we carry less, we can be more mobile and open to new adventures.
When we give more, we get a mission to help others.
When we explore further, we gain more appreciation for this world.

What We Do:
Ntonpower products are made by a group of talented engineers.
We build and field test everything ourselves.
We are obsessed about using the best materials in our products.
Our designs are clean and simple, and made to charge your everyday phone, and fresh up your body & soul.
When we make our goods with the best materials and with great design, we think the product will speak for itself.

What We Make:
We create products that empower the joy for your essentials and yourself.
Our specialty is making items for the latest technology, everyday carry, and for the home.