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Travel Power Strip

A portable power strip is great to have while you’re traveling. Having additional outlets can be a (battery) lifesaver in airports and hotels, where wall outlets can be few and far between. A power strip that you can easily pack into a carry-on or bag can mean the difference between enjoying fully charged devices on the plane or trying to stretch the last 10 percent of your battery over an hours-long flight.

In many older houses and apartments that don’t have a lot of wall outlets, a small power strip can be helpful to gain a couple of extra ones, particularly in rooms (such as the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom) where you may not have the space for a full-size surge protector, or where it can be handy to have USB outlets to plug in your phone or other small electronics.

When traveling, the most important factors to consider for whatever you’ll be packing are size and weight. A power strip isn’t going to do you any good if it’s too bulky or heavy to stick in a carry-on, or if it can’t be squeezed into an outlet located behind a desk or nightstand in a hotel room. So to keep our picks to a travel-friendly size, we limited our contenders to power strips with no more than two AC outlets and three USB ports.

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 2AC Wall Mounted Surge Protector for  Travel,Living Room(White)
$22.99 $11.99

You do have to bring lots stuff when travelling worldwide. Besides basic items like smartphone, Macb..

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 3AC Desktop Mini Size Surge Protector with 5ft Power Cord(White)
$26.99 $15.99

NTONPOWER-Upgrade Mini Size USB Surge Protector  -The USB Surge Protector made from firepr..

NTONPOWER 15W 3USB 3AC Wall Socket Power Protector with Phone Stand - White
$27.56 $12.79

Are you still worry about where should you put your phone while charging on the mid-wall or wall cor..

NTONPOWER Compact Travel Power Strip Portable Adapter CN/US/EU/AU/UK Set Plug( Black)
$31.80 $15.99

NTONPOWER Travel USB Power Strip with Multi-Plug Power Adapter -The USB power strip made from f..

NTONPOWER Compact Travel Power Strip Portable Adapter CN/US/EU/AU/UK Set Plug(White)
$31.80 $15.99

NTONPOWER Branded USB Power Strip -Mini Size design could save the space when you carry it in t..

NTONPOWER Office Power Strip with 3 USB 3 Outlets Round Donut Design for Travel
$38.99 $18.99

NTONPOWER Office Power Strip is compact, mini and easy to pack and carry. It can be easily slipped ..

NTONPOWER Portable Power Strip Charger with 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports and 3.3ft Power Cord
$25.99 $12.99

NTONPOWER Travel USB Power Strip -The USB power strip made from fireproof ABS+PC material,750 ℃..

NTONPOWER Travel Power Strip 2 Outlets 3 USB Charging Ports Small Power Station with 3.3ft Extension Cord for Smartphone Tablets Cruise Hotel Office Bedside Table - White
$22.99 $15.99

OWER Mini Size Travel Power Strip with "Card" design For Business Trips, Travel, Going Abroad, Self-..

NTONPOWER USB Wall Charger with Multiple Travel Plug Converter for iPhone 7 Kindle Fire Samsung iPad
$39.99 $19.99

NTONPOWER USB Wall Charger with Multiple Travel Plug Converter  is adaptive to charge for all..

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