NTONPOWER Halloween Special Sale

NTONPOWER Halloween Special Sale

Halloween Countdown!⏲ Here's the chance for better enjoying ghosty good times and snag the good deals.

Check out these deals and vouchers for the best selling charging kits down below👇👇👇


For travelers and people who work remote, power all your essentials with handy mini size: Pocket Power Retractable Travel Power Strip

🎫 15% OFF code: 154J35H6

📝 Was $18.99, Now $14.24

🛒 4 Outlets with 3 USB Ports: Shop Now




For minimal style nightstand, recharge all your electronics without making a clutter: 2-side Chrono-Charge Power Strip

🎫 23% OFF on page

📝 Was $23.36, Now $17.99

🛒 6 Outlets with 4 USB Ports: Shop Now



For all-in-one charging station, individual control buttons for better power usage : 20-IN-1 Charging Tower

🎫 15% OFF code: 158DRSA1

📝 Black: Was $38.99, Now $29.24

      White & 10 ft: Was $46.99, Now $35.5

🛒 16 AC with 4 USB ports Shop Now


For home decor lovers, energize your night stand in style: Horologe Series Power Strip

🎫 15% OFF Code: 154J35H6

📝 Was $22.99, Now $16.5

🛒 Black & 15 ft:  Shop Now



For living room charging, reach wherever you want with Ultra Thin power cord, lies perfectly under your carpet: 10ft Flat Plug Surge Protector

🎫 15% OFF code: 154J35H6

📝 Was $26.99, Now $20.24

🛒 12 Outlets with 3 USB Ports:  Shop Now


All of the deals listed above are valid during Oct. 25~ Nov. 7.

Whether it's a spooky holiday or the sweet time with your loved ones, NTONPOWER wishes you all enjoy it, and don't forget to bring a power kit to juice up your creative parade!🧡👻

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