Top 5 Holiday Gifts for 2023: A Guide for the Perfect Present

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for 2023: A Guide for the Perfect Present

The holiday season is around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you're looking for something practical yet stylish, then the Power Strip is a perfect choice. The innovative device is perfect for any home or office, providing multiple outlets and USB ports for all your charging needs. With its sleek design and modern features, the Power Strip will surely be a hit this holiday season. Check out our holiday gift guide 2023 for more great ideas!

1. Ntonpower Pocket Power Strip

Are you ready to experience next-level high-speed charging? Check out the Ntonpower 45-Watt USB-C PD Super Speed USB C Power Strip. This power strip is engineered with a specialized Power Delivery chipset and advanced charging technology, offering up to 45 watts of high-voltage charging power.

It is the perfect device for charging all your devices. It features 4 AC outlets, one USB-C PD 45W Port, and one USB-A PD Port, allowing you to charge up to 6 devices simultaneously. The two AC outlets on top of the power strip make enough space to accommodate large power adapters or charges without blocking other outlets.

Juice up your devices within minutes. You can charge your Samsung S22 Ultra (45W), iPhone (20W), iPad, digital camera, and MacBook Air (45W) at high speeds. Plus, the power strip is compatible with MacBooks and most other laptops. The USB c charging station can take a Samsung S22ultra from 0 to 46% in a span of 20 minutes and charge a laptop to 100% in 1.7 hours, with a maximum power of 45W. You can also charge the iPhone 14 Pro from 0-80% in 35 minutes.

  • The power strip is easy to carry and perfect for the following situations:Overnight charging station placed on your nightstand
  • Traveling without worrying about running out of charging points at airports, hotels, and on cruise ships
  • Home Office, where you always tend to run out of power sockets

Get your Ntonpower Pocket Power Strip today and experience the next-level of high-speed charging! It is available in 4-outlet 2-USB C and 4-outlet 3 USB options.


2. Ntonpower i-Donut USB Travel Power Strip

Looking for an efficient and convenient way to charge all your devices? Look no further than the Ntonpower i-Donut USB Travel Power Strip! It can turn a regular wall socket into 4 grounded AC outlets with 2 USB charging ports. You do not have to carry multiple chargers anymore. Save both money and desktop space!

We loved the back screw mountable design because we know how crowded a desk becomes as soon as chargers land on it. It is a must-have for your workbenches, nightstand, end table, or under-counter installations. The 45-degree angled flat plug does not hog other wall outlets and is best for tight spaces like those behind your bed or couch. The power strip is ideal for situations like:

  • Travel, because the power strip is so compact it fits into any luggage.
  • Office or home office, because it is back screw mountable and your desk space no longer needs to be kept hostage by chargers. Hang it on the wall or on the side of your desk.
  • Home, the power strip occupies less space on your nightstand because of its compact design. Moreover, you can always hang it on the wall and keep the nightstand free from device chargers.

The power strip features smart charging technology that detects your connected USB devices and adjusts current output for the optimal charge. It is an excellent choice for those with many devices hanging around. It's also a great choice for a holiday gift.

So, if you're looking for an efficient and convenient way to charge all your devices, the Ntonpower i-Donut USB Travel Power Strip is perfect. Get yours today, and never worry about running out of power again! It comes in 4-out 2 USB and 3-outlet 3 USB options.


3. Ntonpower Horologe USB C PD 18W 3 Outlets 2 USB Power Strip

Ntonpower Horologe power strip is your choice for a reliable and convenient way to power your devices 'on the go'. It is a great travel companion product for all your electronics in places like the airport or coffee shop. The Ntonpower USB power strip is equipped with 1 USB-C port, 1 USB port, and 3 AC outlets, allowing you to power all of your devices using a compact USB-C power strip. It also features 18W Power Delivery Fast Charge so that you can charge your iPhone from 0 to 60% in 30 minutes. The AC outlets are widely spaced and allow you to fit slightly bigger power adapters without blocking adjacent outlets.

Thanks to its mountable options, you can even hang the power strip from a wall or your desk. It also comes with sticky adhesive pads for easy installation. The flat power plug does not hog the wall sockets for good. You will love this product in situations where:

  • You are traveling on a cruise ship, and your cabin has only one power outlet socket
  • You are at a café and need to charge your laptop and phone simultaneously. Out of courtesy, you can use only power one socket.
  • Traveling by air and you need a compact design power strip
  • Gifting to friends and family who have plenty of devices hanging around the house
  • Look for a power strip for your nightstand that does not occupy much space. Even better, hang it by the side of your nightstand!

The Ntonpower Horologe USB C PD 18W 3 Outlets 2 USB Power Strip is the perfect solution for all your power needs. Save both money and desktop space with this reliable and convenient power strip.


4. Ntonpower Surge Tower 8 Outlets 5 USB Power Strip Tower

Now we are in the heavy-duty zone! It's time to feed all of your power-hungry devices in one go. Enter, Ntonpower Surge Tower 8 Outlets 5 USB Power Strip Tower. Its vertical tower design houses 8 AC outlets and 5 high-powered USB ports to meet the simultaneous charging needs of your various equipment and appliances. It has a one-of-a-kind Separate Power Switch. Three buttons on each layer let you control the power source separately, making it energy-efficient and easy to use. If you don't need to use it, just switch it off and save power.

Use the power tower on your TV cabinet or desk. Plug in all your devices to save space.You can hook up several devices simultaneously:

  • TV
  • Set Top Box
  • Gaming Console
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4K
  • Apple TV 4K box
  • MacBook and other laptops
  • All your smartphones
  • iPad or Android Tablet

The Ntonpower Surge Tower is equipped with advanced surge protection, overload protection, lightning protection, short-circuit protection, and overcurrent protection to ensure the safety of your devices. It also features top-notch USB smart charging technology that can reach faster-charging efficiency and give more energy savings.

We really liked the 10 ft heavy-duty cord, low profile flat plug, and non-slip mats. The power strip design facilitates organizing your electronics neatly and efficiently. It is the 'One Stop Shop' solution for your charging needs. Get your Ntonpower Surge Tower today and enjoy the convenience of simultaneous charging for all your devices.


5. Ntonpower Chrono charge 6 Outlets 4 USB Flat Plug Power Strip

Your search for an efficient and durable power strip ends with the Ntonpower Chrono Power Strip. It can charge up to 10 devices. This 10-in-1 power strip is perfect for desktops, nightstands, homes, offices, travel, dorm room, and more.

It has 3 Type-B AC outlets, 3 Type-A AC outlets, and 4 USB ports. The smart integrated circuit technology can auto-detect your devices and provide optimized charging as required. Connect your cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more without worrying about their converters.

Easily plug in your PC, second screen, and printer. The compact design of the power strip is poised to save space on your desk. Its flat plug is slim and easily fits in tight spaces.

The power strip sports solid safety features. It has an overload protection switch and comes with an IC breaker and reset switch. The built-in phosphor copper wire and premium circuit with corrosion-proof, over-heat, over-current, over-charge, and short circuits protection. It is an ideal product for situations where:

  • You do not have enough space on the nightstand or your desk for a bulky power strip
  • You are on a cruise, and there is only one socket in your cabin
  • You need a small-sized power strip to pack in your travel luggage
  • You need a nonsurge protector for your cruise ship journey
  • Your wall socket is hidden behind bulky furniture, leaving not enough space for a big plug

Get your Ntonpower Chrono charge 6 Outlets 4 USB Flat Plug Power Strip today and enjoy the convenience of charging all your devices in one place.


NTONPOWER is committed to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A fraction of every purchase from NTONPOWER goes towards removing CO2 from the atmosphere. With products sold in over 30 countries, a user base of 600,000+ users, and 35 million+ power strips sold in 5 years, NTONPOWER is undoubtedly making a positive impact on the planet.


We hope you enjoyed reading our holiday gift guide for 2023 as much as we did preparing it. We aim to make your gift-giving experience this holiday season one to remember. We hope you found the perfect gift for your friends and family. Our team wishes you Happy holidays! Have a wonderful time giving and receiving gifts!


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