Be careful!This gadget may kill your expensive electrical equipment

Be careful!This gadget may kill your expensive electrical equipment
A colleague asked me why the charging head of the MacBook Pro he bought was plugged into the power strip, and it made electric shocks like sparks. He wondered whether it was the quality of the charging head or the actual current difference. In fact, the sparks are caused by the loosening of the socket wiring screw, the deformation of the socket copper plug and the lack of close contact with the plug after it is inserted, causing ignition; long-term use will cause the wire connection part to become hot, the plastic insulation layer will burn, and the surface of the metal connector will be seriously oxidized, which finally cause leakage or short circuit. This also puts his MacBook in danger of being burnt.

Affected by COVID-19, the outbreak of the "home economy" stimulated the growth of the home appliance market. In the first half of 2020, China's exports of electric frying pans, toasters, and juicers increased by 62.9%, 34.7%, and 12.1% respectively.

With the increase in household appliances, the sockets in the house are becoming less sufficient. It can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, but many people do not have demanding requirements on the safety and performance of the power strips. They are satisfied with simply powered on. Did you know that approximately 4,600 home fires start as a result of extension cord and power strip overuse each year? These fires account for 70 deaths and 230 injuries.

Here're some power strip safety tips for your family

  1. Surge Protector: Contain internal components which can prevent spikes and surges in power from destroying your devices.
  2. Overload protection (Circuit Breaker): When the load on the power strip exceeds its maximum power, it will automatically cut off the power supply. Prevent the socket from being damaged by running under overload.
  3. Fire-resistant materials such as PP or PC: The flame retardant of the shell requires that when exposed to an external fire at 750 degrees Celsius for 3 seconds, the fire on plastic material will automatically extinguish. If you connect an electric kettle, electric heater, and rice cooker to the power strip at the same time, the total power will easily exceed the peak of the power strip. Some power strip panels made of traditional ABS material will melt due to high temperature, causing safety accidents such as fires.
  4. The household power cord is thickened to 14Awg (rated current 15A). The thickening of the wire reduces the resistance, thereby reducing the heating of the wire, slowing down the aging of the power cord and preventing flames. 


The power strip product itself doesn't have much technical content, which also causes the quality of the products on the market to be uneven. It is simple, but related to the safety of electricity. Its materials and workmanship are particularly significant, which also leads to a relatively high price of a good quality one.


NTONPOWER is a leading brand that has specialized in charging technology for about 5 years. The name of NTONPOWER originated from the great man Newton. His rigorous and innovative scientific spirit has injected our brand culture, inspiring our team to take excellent product quality as the core, to achieve the ultimate in products, enable people's lives to become more convenient and secure, power up your life.

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