NTONPOWER Testing Club Giveaway

NTONPOWER Testing Club  Giveaway



[Giveaway Closed]

Hey folks, recently we've received a lot of feedback about our Pocket Power Strip, such as increasing more USB-C ports, changing the placing of AC plugs and so.

And yes, we heard you and did all these updates! Now we'd like to invite you to join our testing club for a chance to test our new products first!👏


What you can win:
10 x 7-in-1 USB-C Pocket Power Strip
10 x 5-in-1 mini Pocket Power Strip
1 x Solar Rover Portable Power Station


How to enter:
◾ Follow @ntonpower
◾ Comment where you'd use this travel power strip, 1 comment = 1 entry
◾ Like and share this post

Make sure you've finished all these requirements!
The event ends on March 24th. USA shipping only.

For those who can't wait to try it out, apply code 15NTON for a limited 15% off early bird offer. FCFS!🤩

🔗7-in-1 USB-C Pocket Power Strip (New Released)

🔗5-in-1 mini Pocket Power Strip  (New Released)
Good luck to you all!💌


Unlock extra entries here🔓🗝
NTONPOWER Testing Club Giveaway
Get more entries for bigger chance to win, please make sure you enter the Gleam competition above.
*Winners will be drawn randomly under the following circumstance: the number of participants surpass 100.


Cross our fingers for you!🤞🤞🔥


Here are the lucky winners of our testing club giveaway, please contact us on social media or marketing@ntonpower.com. Congratulations!

7-IN-1 USB-C Pocket Power Strip

Matthew O'Brien

Jen Drake

Charlie Valerie

Nicole Watson

Dan Lewko


Michael Nguyen

Amy Mosley

Shane Lyon

Book Whore

5-IN-1 mini Pocket Power Strip

Rintze Zelle

Carol Hoskinson

Karen Lewko

Anita Moore



kelly tupick

Kevin Luna

Jamie Leigh Martin

Christopher King

Jo Ricker

Solar Rover Portable Power Station

Josh Willhite


Stay tuned for the next one!😊

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